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Electronics Final year Projects

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Electronics Final year Projects

1. Radio Frequency (RF) Technology based Remote control robot using microcontroller

2. Temperature controller using DS1820 and LCD display with microcontroller

3. Zigbee based home automation system having various inputs and outputs

4. Search and Rescue Robot

5. Simple 89S series programmer using parallel port

6. Automatic college/school bell timer

7. Intercom and telephone exchange using microcontroller

8. Development of Traffic Lights Controller using microcontroller PIC or AT89s51

9. Development of Temperature controlled Fan (AT89S52)

10. Home Appliance Control and monitoring System

11. Telephone controlled Home Appliance

12. Microcontroller Based Digital Clock with Alarm

13. Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C2051)

14. Multi pattern Running Lights with microcontroller

15. Parallel Telephone with auto secrecy , development of exchange

16. Password Based Door Locking micro controller based

17. computer and micro controller communication through RS-232 serial port

18. PC BASED DATA LOGGER using microcontroller and PC, Visual basic

19. Development of Electronic flow meter using flow transducer and microcontroller.

20. Development of Secured wireless data communication system

21. 8051 to 16*2 character LCD interface

22. Multiple-Coloured-Line Follower Robotics Project

23. LED Matrix based Date & Time Display using RTC DS1307 and 89c51

24. Project of Finger Print Based attendance System

25. Message display project

26. serial communication through virtual drive

27. Interfacing Temperature sensor with Microcontroller and lcd

28. The LED Based Security Lock system

29. Interface of load cell with 8051 to develop a digital weighing machine

30. Analog Joystick Adopter

31. Finger Print Security system

32. Voice recognition system using microcontroller

33. Automatic obstacle detecting and Moving Robot

34. Digital Speedometer

35. Prepaid water control using microcontroller

36. microcontroller based protection of Induction motor

37. Scientific calculator using mcs51 microcontroler family

38. Automatic plant irrigation

39. TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator designed with AT89S52

40. Home security System using gsm

41. RF module interfacing with AT89S52

42. Visitor counter of Hotel using microcontroller

43. Cell Number Fetcher

44. interfacing keypad in digital IC tester

45. digital speedometer with 8051 Microcontroller

46. pc to pc laser communication

47. Three floor 3 Level Mini-Elevator control system

48. 10 digit 7 segment module

49. Automatic Room Light Controller (Visitor Counter)

50. designing of ultrasonic thickness gauge
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